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Our brand.

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Our practice

We take inspirations from our roots, in Vietnamese and Swiss cultures; connecting the West and the East, the ordinary and the exceptional, to create elevated essentials for everyday life.

We do not label genders for our designs. We believe that everyone can choose to wear what they love and values they support, whatever gender they identify themselves with.


At SAND we design and develop every style in-house.

From researches to pattern making and samples development, every stage is done in our studio, located in our vibrant home:

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We deeply believe that the system of seasons in the Fashion industry is outdated and unsustainable. We release our collections only when they are ready, and re-edit our essentials regularly.


Our work ethics

We believe in the cultural value of work and the importance of craftsmanship. We produce every style locally, at a human scale. Our production is never anonymous.

We meet and collaborate directly with all the people that lend us their unique skills to turn our designs into products.

Our collections are either made into small batches or custom made by order. This allows us to control quality, remain flexible

and limit impacts on our planet.

We value the importance of time, and always prioritize

integrity and quality over pace.

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Our fabrics

We source high quality fabrics from France, Italy,

Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

We prioritize fabrics made of natural fibers,

such as silk, wool, cotton and linen,

or cellulose-based like Lyocell and Tencel.

We often source vintage or dead-stock fabrics,

reusing left-over in new drops or new collections.

Our accessories are made in Italian or French leather

from dead stocks, and the fur we sometimes use

is regenerated from second-hand pieces.


Our upcoming projects

At SAND, one of our biggest pleasure is researching

and rediscovering techniques from the past,

to translate them into our designs.

In a constant pursue of technicality and lightness in construction,

we are currently developing new techniques of garment production.

In order to achieve sharp volumes and shapes while remaining as light and practical as possible, we aim to get rid of any trace of interlining, especially glue-based fusing which can wash off easily,
 and remove heavy construction from the garments.

Those technical development take time and require numerous trials. More information will be available upon launching.

Coming soon in 2023

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